Thursday, January 27, 2011

A new update

I have been quite remiss in my efforts to keep up here. Boy is it sooo easy to just leave this alone and forget about it as an unimportant thing. Alas, I have heard from others how they want to see it... so... here I am again.

January 27, 2011!!!!!! Already.
One year ago today little Tavia made an entrance into our family via a cold and stormy night. I remember that well as I was shivering cold in the water during labor.

What does one year look like? Well, we have moved several times. We were in a big apartment in Traflagar, Dominica when Tavia was born. Then we moved to a smaller apartment for the last 6 weeks of our time in Dominica. Friends from Alaska visited us. We then moved to my mom's house in Alaska and stayed for 4 months??? Visited all over there. We then journeyed to Washington for about a week for Grandma and Grandpa's renewal of vows. We had a lot of visiting while we were there. On to Colorado to see Grandpa Carlile and John, Jack too. I broke my foot there stepping on pavement -- yeah, I know, graceful! Went on to Iowa. Poor Henrys had to put up with us. Then here to Indiana. We have been here full time since October.

I will attempt to introduce pics tomorrow. For now, look at for the newest pics.

Happy Birthday Taby Baby!!!!!!