Saturday, November 15, 2014

What we were then...

It has been a long while since we have been in Dominica as a family. Four and a half years long. Our family has changed and grown and seen different places.
This picture is of our family when we had just moved to Trafalgar from Sentaroma.
Our oldest boy has begun his new life. His one year anniversary is tomorrow. All of us have grown, changed, and matured. We added our youngest daughter while we lived in Trafalgar. And we added our youngest son while in Alaska. From the time of that picture, we have moved first to Indiana, then back to our beloved home state of Alaska. The place where most of our children were born.

Now we are spending time away from the harsh winters that we had the past two years and loving the sweat-producing, energy-zapping, non-freezing Caribbean. I am not complaining at all.
When we left Anchorage, Alaska, the weather was freezing and getting ready to stay cold. Winter has arrived in the North. Usually, I love winter. I love cuddling my squishies, drinking hot cocoa, settling in to read aloud to my dear ones. Although, our current home in Alaska is a hard home to live in during winter. I do love snow and wood fires and hot food out of the crockpot.
Since last winter, both Travis and I were feeling as though we needed to have a change. He needed to finish medical school. For his sake and for our family. This is God's answer to our cry for help out of our deep hole. We had built ourselves a rut and could not pull out. From about Thanksgiving of 2013, He has continually pricked us and made us feel uncomfortable about our own way.
We are on a journey to the culmination of His plan. Each day is new and exciting and brings joy, woes, contentment and strife. We are continually working.
No, we are not on endless vacation. We don't sit on the beach most days. We get down there about 1-2 hours every third day or so. We do all the normal, day-to-day things that we did in Alaska, just with less clothing. :-)
Our days are full and happy, usually. When we first arrived, we had to acclimate. Wow, is a 60 degree change a bit to deal with! Then we all decided to catch the latest mosquito bite sickness, chikungunya. It starts with a fever, then joint pain, then itchy rash. It can only be transferred by body fluid, so the dear mosquitoes helped us. The baby was the first. I just thought he was being crabby from his new teeth coming to the surface of his gums. Poor baby! Mommy ignoring the pain and suffering. Then I bought Cetamol, the Caribbean version of Tylenol. He was pretty happy until the dose wore off.
We have been eating local food. This time down here our food bill will be less. Last time, we ate American dishes with local or imported ingredients. This time we are not buying milk, cheese, noodles, spaghetti sauce, red meats, butter, and other expensive treats. The past year has taught us (me) how to cook foods that do not cost a lot and that are healthier and filling. I do miss the freezer of Alaskan fish and meats though!!
The children and I have been down here for two and a half weeks now. This will be the place I update everyone. And I am currently setting up a call list for storm or hurricane times, if there are any. Hopefully, we won't need it...
We have more pictures somewhere. Travis said we wouldn't be settled in until 2 weeks passed and he was right. Goodnight world.

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Sasha and Lots and Lots of Carliles