Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another day.

We have been looking into another house and have decided on moving out to the Roseau Valley. The area is called Trafalgar, pronounced Truh - FAL - ger. There are some beautiful falls that are an area attraction for tourists. Also there are mineral hot springs and a river close by. We would upgrade a little for room to play but downgrade on inside space. Oh well, can't have it all.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Our vacation

Hi to Everyone,
Some asked us where we vacation when we live in the Caribbean. Well, we live about 1 1/2 miles, as a bird flies, from the sea. I know, that seems very close. You have to consider the placement of where we live. We live 1 mile UPHILL from the hospital. This is quite a hike as we all can tell you. You work up a sweat and are exhausted, especially if you do it in the day with the hot sun beating down on you! I think the sun is closer here or something. Also, we do not have a car to drive when we want to go somewhere. So, we must walk or wait for a local transport to come by. May be never, just depends on their whim.
Anywhere on the island, you are no more than 7 miles from the sea, as the bird flies. But those miles could be closer to 30 just to get to a beach that a person is able to bathe at.
Many of the beaches here are rock beaches and have terrific surf that would pull in and drown an excellent swimmer. So, we have to pick where we go if we don't want to be fish bait.
Our vacation took us to the North part of the island to some beach cottages that are on a mild beach known for its swimming and snorkeling. We have been there numerous times and have enjoyed it every time.
The picture at the top of this blog is a star fruit tree, or carambola. We were allowed to pick of the varied fruit at the property. The place is called Picard Beach Cottages if any are interested.
Our friends who were attending Ross University in Picard are gone now, so we will be going to the beach up there much less. Carson, Larissa, and Azriah are now in Miami for USMLE and fifth semester. In December they will go back to Canada.
If you want to look at more pictures, you can go to our web album

This must be all for now.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

How things are!

Okay, since I read where teenagers have a blog up and running, I need to get mine started. No telling how many times or how often I will post, but here it is!

I am new to this. Be patient. I never thought I would have a blog. I thought that people who have blogs are people who are technologically amazing. I am not. I think Trevin knows more about computers than I.
Well, here we go. We are living in Dominica in the West Indies while Travis attends All Saints Medical School in the capital city. Live has changed in many ways. Life in Alaska revolved around clothing and heat. Here we sweat plenty and need only a few types of clothing.

The kids are growing huge with time. Trevin is 14, Trinton is 7, Taleah is almost 6, Taya is 4 and Trajun is 22 months. We are homeschooling and trying to keep busy here. A common complaint is boredom, but there is plenty if you look.

We have been enjoying all the fresh, local fruits and veggies. Meat is expensive and imported foods also.
Life has changed, but we still have the normal routines and rules. We do not have endless vacation. (I wish we did!)
We do have a mother's helper come in Monday through Friday. Travis insisted on having her as much as possible - bless him! She usually makes lunch and tidies the house. Most days she can clean certain parts too.

It is interesting. We will see what the future holds.