Thursday, January 12, 2017

OM Wow! Has it been almost 2 years?!?

So I am reading a blog about making pizza dough that tastes awesome and I read that she hadn't posted forever. Hmmm, that's me too. Now I am here, up late-ish thinking of what my children will be eating while am away tomorrow. And cheap, easy, don't have to go to the store and maybe healthy, in one dish... The only thing I have to accomplish that is bread, or the stuff to make it. We are on a spelt bread kick lately. Wheat is fine if mom can stay close to ______________. Use your imagination.
I don't ever use a recipe, or if I do, I always change it. Always. I am just a recipe breaker! Easy challah bread, thanks Larissa Seeber! But I just can't stick with the recipe! Recipes are made to be broken is my mantra. Life sentence. Major fault. On the other hand, the crew only complains once every pumpkin soup night.... ;-o
Life is just not fair. Children grow up, food gets eaten, someone has to cook. Every night. And it won't be the 600 men, children and pets I have living in my house right now. I suppose I won't complain. Too much anyway!
So, back to tomorrow night's dinner/supper/feeding frenzy. Pizza. How to do overnight pizza dough. Right. If I speak in clipped sentences and phrases, a magic pizza fairy will appear and make dinner for me. Send the housework fairy too.
Til tomorrow,
Everybody wants a water buffalo...

Oh, and I will update with pics of grown up babies soon.