Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A new semester!

We have arrived at Travis' 4th and last semester here in Dominica!! It was acknowledged today that Chicago is open for 5th semester this coming Summer semester! YEA!
Yesterday he went in to hold a presentation for the new students on their maiden tour of All Saints. Since Travis is AMSA President, one of his jobs is to recruit fresh meat into the AMSA membership. He put together a slideshow of the activities of AMSA student members last semester. The health fair is a major event which they plan all semester, and then they also had a suture clinic and casting clinic, and the best fun of all, they went to a great beach on the North end of the island.
I was informed that we are going to visit the same beach again. I am also taking on the feeding of the volunteers for the health fair. We will see how I can do that with children. I am hoping they will be interested in helping.

Today we also started our new semester for the children. Trevin is reading about newborns in his Science, WWII in History, and playing Text Twist for Spelling and Writing. I am so mean- he can't stand Text Twist. I figured that he can increase his vocabulary and spelling base by doing something he loves- playing on the computer. He has typing lessons through http://www.freetypinggame.net/ and Math is plain old boring book work. Grammar uses The Blue Book of Grammar.
The youngers have had an easy day and we will start them up tomorrow for the main part of schooling. Trinton and Taleah's schedule will include Math, Writing, Reading, Spelling, History, Science, Art, and Life Skills. Taya will have a much easier schedule as a Kindergartner; she will have Math, Writing, Phonics, and the rest will be integrated with what the other children are doing. Trajun has also started "schooling" with the typical Preschool songs, games, rhymes, writing, and readiness for a more structured schedule. Since we take a Charlotte Mason sort of approach to schooling, all of our subjects run into each other so that one assignment might include several subjects at once.
I do love the internet for all the free educational materials available to anyone who needs it. And lastly,

I will be delving deeper into my own semester- my last before I am thrown to the wolves of medical transcription. I have to make 95% average in this semester!

Lately the 2 youngest, Taya and Trajun, have had me singing every chance they have. Their favorites are Twinkle, twinkle, little star, Row, row, row your boat, Tell me the story of Jesus, and reciting the 1, 2, Buckle my shoe nursery rhyme. I have been enjoying this down time before our big whirlwind of activity for the rest of our time here.

Looking ahead: A new baby will be born, friends of ours are visiting from Alaska, we have a health fair and beach party. Our ministers are planning a visit to us, tentatively in January. We have to sort, pack, throw away, and otherwise deal with our belongings here. I need to finish my transcription courses and find work. Travis needs to study hard to pass each of the 3 exams in each of his classes- Pharmacology, PDI, Systemic Pathology. We need to get a birth certificate and passport for the new baby for our return to the US. (Baby, even though a US citizen, will not be able to travel into the US without a passport!) We have a busy time ahead with many things of which to look forward.

Trajun has made a nickname for Taleah. He scurries through the house yelling, "Tuh!" I am sure it would probably be spelled Ta as a nickname, but is it really a nickname or a syllable??

I will be updating the Pregnancy blog soon. To take up my extra time while waiting for baby I have been knitting scarves. So far, Trajun and I have finished scarves. The others will follow. I am not using a real pattern. I made my own to fit the specifications of what we need and want. I do not like long scarves. I like them to hit above the belly button and be simple. I do not like wrap-around-the-neck scarves. maybe I will change my mind once I am in the freezing cold North, but for now I am making shorter scarves, except for Taleah who likes them down to her knees.

A box arrived from my Grandma Mary! The children were choking over the cost of sending a box here. They were chomping at the bit to open it-- we did not disappoint. Grandma sent some NB long sleeve onesies with the favorite-of-mine fold over hand cuffs; a gown/sleeper set with hat, booties, and bib; baby powder and lotion; mitts; a game of Yahtzee for all of us to play; and several other goodies including CHOCOLATE!! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!
I do so love receiving mail. But I cannot wait until we are back where we can send boxes also. It will be fun to send homemade gifts and cards to our family and friends. ( I also can't wait for the next Christmas season with all the bazaars and craft shows.) Signing off here for now.

Happy January to all!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

River fun!

Today we walked to the river since I felt the need to let my children play and get their energy out- and I want to help this baby come.
Here are a few pics of our fun at the river: For more pics, go here and check in the January 2010 folder.

Taleah and Mom

Taya and Mom
Goofy Taya
Trajun and Mom
Trajun, Trinton, Trevin
Trinton and Dad

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

A New Year, how did you bring it in? I sat in bed with my husband, timing contractions and playing a word game on the computer. It was 1 o'clock when we realized it was the new year.

Not much changes when you go from one decade to the next, only a day apart. It is like when you turn 18 or 21- unless you are a drinker or smoker, does this age hold some magical power? I think the wonder of a new year wears off after greeting almost 30 new years. Usually greeting the new year means staying up late, something I don't like since I am then tired the next day. I don't like being tired.

The past week has been fun. We went to the river again, took many walks, and I sewed quite a bit. Yesterday alone, Travis and I walked over 3 miles. We were trying to have a baby. Didn't work.

Today is very rainy. The clothing won't dry on the line, it feels cold. But on a better note, I am so glad hurricane season is finished. We will just be on the starting 2010 hurricane season when we leave here. For now we have tourist season, a merry time where we have a hard tiem finding transport when we need it. I will be glad to be back where we have a vehicle with enough seatbelts for all passengers, and they are required to use them. I will feel much safer when my littles are buckled into car seats again.

When we leave here, we will have only Trajun and the new baby to deal with car seats. Last time we were back, Taya was old enough to sit without a car seat or booster.