Sunday, July 27, 2008

How things are!

Okay, since I read where teenagers have a blog up and running, I need to get mine started. No telling how many times or how often I will post, but here it is!

I am new to this. Be patient. I never thought I would have a blog. I thought that people who have blogs are people who are technologically amazing. I am not. I think Trevin knows more about computers than I.
Well, here we go. We are living in Dominica in the West Indies while Travis attends All Saints Medical School in the capital city. Live has changed in many ways. Life in Alaska revolved around clothing and heat. Here we sweat plenty and need only a few types of clothing.

The kids are growing huge with time. Trevin is 14, Trinton is 7, Taleah is almost 6, Taya is 4 and Trajun is 22 months. We are homeschooling and trying to keep busy here. A common complaint is boredom, but there is plenty if you look.

We have been enjoying all the fresh, local fruits and veggies. Meat is expensive and imported foods also.
Life has changed, but we still have the normal routines and rules. We do not have endless vacation. (I wish we did!)
We do have a mother's helper come in Monday through Friday. Travis insisted on having her as much as possible - bless him! She usually makes lunch and tidies the house. Most days she can clean certain parts too.

It is interesting. We will see what the future holds.


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