Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 2009

Here I am again, after a long pause in posting. So I get to play catch up.

Children: Trevin is growing tall. He is 15 now. Trinton just had his 8th birthday. Taleah is 6 1/2. Taya just turned 5. And Trajun is 2 1/2.
We hiked to Victoria Falls. Hard hike! But it was worth it.

Last year I had some medical problems. I visited home and ended up staying longer for hospitalization. Then in December went to stay with my Mom. I took Taya and Trajun with me. We came back to Dominica in February. I am happy to say that I am making the slow climb back to health.
March through May have been okay. All of us are plugging away at our respective schooling. Travis is completely done here in April 2010. (10 1/2 months! Yea!)
Trevin is now in 9th, Trinton and Taleah are in 2nd, Taya is in PreK, and Trajun is learning to talk.
I am in my 3rd semster of medical transcription (MT) and hope to finish by September.

This past weekend we went to the beach on the North end of the island. We also visited Fort Shirley. This island was fought over by the English and French. There is a rich history that includes pirates, Creole food, and (yuck) slavery.
Disney used this island to film portions of Pirates of the Caribbean. The scenes recorded are: the voodoo hut on the river filmed on Indian River, Londonberry river (I don't know what was filmed there), the waterwheel scene, old church scene, water scenes off the North coast, the cannibal village, and the rope bridge.
Here is a link for the maps.

Indian River
Our trip North of here was fun. Fort Shirley was an easy hike though it took us up a tall hill. It was interesting seeing the holes where cannon shot went through the brick walls. It must have been quite exciting although dangerous. The children have said more than once that they wish they could have lived back in the days of pirates.
The beach we went to is called Purple Turtle beach. It was wonderful to snorkel out and see the white sand and fish beneath the water.

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