Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Eating healthy in a hot and humid country

We have been eating soup for dinner most nights. Yes, I said soup. No, it isn't cold soup. Hot soup made with lentils or beans, a little bit of rice, veggies, seasonings and something to thicken it. Yes, every night. With some chicken in it every other night. Yes, I am nuts, but that is beside the point! It is the cheapest, easiest, most filling food that we can make to fill all 8 bellies every night. It is mostly healthy.
Breakfast is usually local bread or cream of wheat, fruit, juice or water and eggs (if we have them). Lunches are leftovers or something we can make up quickly. The kitchen table is our eating table and our school table, so lunch is quick. Snacks are fruit or local juice made into popsicles. I bought some silicone popsicle molds that a FB friend ImperfectHomemaker posted. They are usually $10-15 for 4 of them. I bought 4 boxes at $6.75 per box. Best purchase to bring to a hot country.
We tried to make smoothies when we first came down, but it was a major flop. In Anchorage, I bought a Ninja Blender/Food Processor from Costco. It says it liquefies. Apparently not carrots. I had a nasty brain blow out. I can't think, and it is even worse now, after having chikungunya! I feel like I need 12 hours of sleep a night, but I sleep like a baby: up often in the night, restless, requiring certain sleeping arrangements.
My paragraphs are even choppy...

Eating healthy, back to that. I made a stir fry out of whatever I had here. It had green beans, carrot, chicken, onion, garlic, thyme, seasoning pepper, ginger and other seasonings. I served it over wheat noodles soaked in a sweet sauce made of fresh squeezed orange juice, ginger and a little sugar.
I think I will start having Taleah type up recipes of what we are making. A lot of it is non-descript soup dishes, but we do have fun and our taste buds like it, mainly.
A cheeky bugger in the family said to me the other day, "Mom, you shouldn't make lentils or beans anymore. Just stick with chicken, you're good at that." Growing boy and all. He eats more than his siblings.

I have been drinking DE (diatomaceous earth) in water each day. I have noticed less bug bites and less stinky body odor. I don't know if this is because I have sweat it mostly out already or that our diet is changing. I have cravings for junk food. All. The. Time.

When I think about food I cannot have for lack of funds or God's Will, I think of the children of Israel in the Wilderness. The Heavenly Father gave then a complete food, all that was required by their bodies and more, something to sustain them through the long journey. But they wanted meat. So He gave them quail, but He also gave them "leanness into their soul" Psalm 106:15.
I am trying to be content with whatever I have and not require more of God. It is hard, but a good exercise in controlling the tongue, the lusts of the flesh and longsuffering. As if going with convenience foods is torture. I think going without food would be torture. The Son of God went without food for 40 days and then was tempted in the flesh, but overcame the lusts of the flesh to come forth pure.

I have rambled on long enough. Time to sign off.
A work in progress,

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