Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another update

The past few months has been crazy and the next few will be crazier yet.
August had us busy preparing for school and getting Travis and myself through our courses. Travis had a break from mid-August to early September. As soon as his break started, my work began in earnest. I finished 1/2 a semester in 3 weeks. I am now in my last semester before the practicum and behind yet again!
September saw Trevin return to us and Travis start a new semester. He has 3 classes this semester which include Microbiology, Pathology, and Psychology. All 3 way outa my league. I overheard a few of his classmates talking about cardiology, must have been part of Pathology, and I understood what they were saying. Not because I can actually understand what the process is, only because I have been studying cardiology terminology and reports as the beginning of my last semester. I hope I never become a transcriptionist for a cardiologist!
Next I study surgical reports with all the terminology and such. And Travis is looking toward general surgery! At least I won't have to type his reports then- they would be typed by the medical transcriptionists that the hospital employs. (I plan to work from home.)

The last week of September had us looking forward to a new baby. Not ours, but a friend of ours. After a long labor and a few days into October, a beautiful baby boy was born to our good friend, on Taleah's birthday.
Taleah is now 7 years old! Funny to think that the tiny, 3 pound, scrawny preemie is now a 7 year old girl! Time does fly. I recently dug up pictures when Taya and Trajun were babies. I wish I had Taleah's baby pics on CD, but alas, we did not have a digital camera until she was several months old. Eventually I will get her baby pics into digital format. Someday. Probably in time for her grandchildren to see.

So now we are at the 7th of October and I have still not added new pics from the last few months! Oh well, as for pics, go to for the newest pics. I update that way more than the blog.


Ben, Heather and kids said...

WOW! you've been busy!!

Kelly-Anne Gray said...

Hi Aunty Sasha, I hope you dont mind, but I have tagged you as a participant in a posting about the principles by which you live. Please see my blog posting on 28 October. Love, Kelly-Anne