Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

I have just updated the pregnancy blog, and figured I better update here also.
First, Merry Christmas to everyone! I know, late, but better than never. If you go and read my post on the pregnancy blog from today, you will read about our adventures in pregnancy this past few weeks. Exhausting, but at least we all made it through. ;)

We have been busy making gifts for one another. Trevin and Trinton made gifts for each other: Trevin received a hacky sack and Trinton received a wooden carved boat. Taleah and Taya made gifts for each other: Taleah received knit slippers and Taya received a baby mermaid doll with blanket. I made a knit teddy bear for Trajun. I also made "beanbag" frogs for the children. They elected to give one to Cameron, a local boy who had a birthday on Christmas Eve. We also gave one each to the Shelby boys- Logan had a birthday on 12/14, and we gave one to Ethan for a late birthday present.
Our visit with Shelby family, Shelby elders, and Kalers last weekend was great! I am sorry that I started having contractions while they were all here! I did not get to visit much. Lanelle and Linda were so great in preparing meals and such for the weekend- all Shelbys also stayed over Sunday evening and made breakfast for us Monday morning before heading home for their comfortable place.
My friend Benedicte and her baby came (last) Sunday when I was certain that these contractions were the real thing. She stayed a week waiting for me to go into real labor. She left today- probably disgusted at me for taking so long and not knowing the difference with a subsequent pregnancy!

Christmas was simple and relaxed. A ham, potatoes, gravy, fresh bread, and green beans made up our dinner. I was waiting for our friend to come and bring pumpkin for pumpkin pie, but he never showeed up, so a chocolate cake made up dessert.

Travis had exams Friday, 12/18 and Monday, 12/21. I suppose he did ok. I hope he does not have to retake any exams, but we are fairly certain that he passed the semester.

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