Friday, June 19, 2009

Master Trajun

Trajun has arrived at the age where he tells people off. When Trinton and Trevin are arguing and carrying on, Trajun will walk in the room and use gibberish to tell off Trevin. He has done this a few times to me and I have turned my finger to him and told him to knock it off.
The other night we had a dog pile and one of the littles started fussing about being held. Trajun started wagging his finger and yelling at Dad because he was the biggest one in the pile. We were laughing so hard that we couldn't tell him no!
Trajun has a major interest in cars. Any toy car he sees is his. Any car that drives by he tells us about. He knows which are buses and which are cars.
Here is a pic of Trajun and "Uncle Ash" before we went to the Saturday morning market. Every time we see a "bus" like this Trajun yells "Ash's bus!"

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