Monday, June 22, 2009

Sickness, rain, and shadow bunnies

Lately, we have been dealing with sickness. We are doing all we can to attain health in all of us, but we are contending with Caribbean diseases to which our bodies are not immune. The soil, water, and air are different here than at home. It may be considered more pure, but the diseases here are not what our bodies can fight off when we continue to contract every disease (it seems).
Swine flu has hit the island. A police officer who just came back from the US has brought it into the country. I am planning on staying home as much as possible. Travis can buy groceries when he is in town for school. As for the children and I, staying home seems the best option.
Taleah is showing signs of tonsillitis again. So far, colloidal silver, ibuprofen, and coconut oil are helping. We are trying to keep from using mainstream antibiotics as long as possible to keep from having antibiotic resistant viruses or bacteria.

It has been pretty rainy here but some of the sunsets are spectacular! Here is one not-so-spectacular sunset that is a little blurred; it takes forever for my camera to take a picture in the dark! By the time I was able to take a good picture, most of the color was out of the sky.

Miss Taya at the neighbor's house.

Trajun at the neighbor's house.

Taya and Trajun

Last night Trajun was laying down to go to sleep. I was attempting to entertain him with some shadow puppets on the ceiling. I made an evil bunny with my hand and he said, "No, no, no." and covered his head with the blanket and would not come out! I couldn't help but shake with laughter. I tried to show him that it was just my hand, but he was adamant about keeping his head covered.

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