Thursday, June 18, 2009

A summer day in the Caribbean

This week we have had heavy rains. The water has been shut off a few times, we have had brown faucet water and very low water pressure. It seems to be better today. Yea! Clean showers.
This river is flowing over the road that is at a low point in the Roseau Valley. I think it is called Roseau river, but I am not sure. It is the one that flows beside the town of Roseau and meets the ocean right by the open air produce market. Travis took this picture 2 hours after he came across it in a car on his way home from school. The bridge was dry. In this picture the water is about 4-5 feet higher than normal! It is a good thing it goes down within 2 hours and that there is another way out of the valley.

Here is Trafalgar Falls. Usually you have to nearly strain your eyes to see it, but this picture shows what happens when we have heavy rains.

Here is a pic of the river with Tim, Trinton, Taleah, and Spot standing by.

Here are Trevin, Trinton, and Trajun right after a run in with the hair clippers! This time, Trajun got up on the chair and sat with the loud clippers going. Last time was such a fight, I had to physically hold him down!

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