Saturday, November 28, 2009

A busy Saturday

Today we attended the All Saints AMSA Health Fair! What a to-do! They helped over 450 persons. The local chiropractor was here giving free scans, her coworker gave free 15 minute massages, the AMSA students gave free bp checks, glucose tests, BMI checks, vision acuity checks, HIV awareness, women's health... What work.

Travis was on the local television station for an hour interview with a local commentary on Thursday night. He had done "something new" by inviting the local chiropractor inside the sacred halls of the medical institution. I, for one, am all for integrative medicine. You can't seem to have all or nothing of anything but God in this world.
Modern medicine and traditional medicine should work together to bring the health and well-being of people to a place of ease. Dis-ease is not normal. But, I am preaching to a deaf crowd... Of course I am part of that change that has come again that tells the doctor that I am an active participant in my health and care. I am not one to swallow any pill or pay for any procedure unless I am informed. After all, I am the one who must take responsibility for my own body. No doctor will pay the cost for what a drug does to my body.
I trust that God will keep me and direct me to seek another's help if it is needed.

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