Sunday, November 1, 2009

Principles by which I live.

Quite a while ago, I was tagged by Kelly-Anne Gray at Beautiful Girlhood to tell the principles by which I live. I have to say that I was not excited at the prospect of sharing these. What I have come to realize is that I am above petty differences and I should not worry about how others think of me.
I saying I heard: If I please God, those who really matter will be pleased.
It may sound harsh, but who do I try to please? Myself? I will never be truly happy. My extended family? I would always be bouncing back and forth. If I am pleasing God first, all others will fall into place.

Principles by which I live:

1. I beieve I am made for a purpose which is not defined by how others would have me live.

2. I beieve I am a daughter of the King and should behave as such.

3. I beieve I am guilty of death by sin, but covered by Jesus' blood which brings life.

4. I beieve that I have a God-given place in my family.

5. I beieve that forgiveness is the key to joy- my forgiveness and joy and other's forgiveness and joy.

6. I believe that I am bound by my thoughts, words, actions, and attitudes; I must choose wisely what I allow into my home and heart.

7. I believe that God provides every need for me much better than I can ever provide myself. He is ever merciful and well able to see what I need before I need it.

8. I believe that treating others as I want to be treated is the fastest way to build a relationship.

9. I believe that every baby is planned by God, even those not planned or wanted by humans.

10. I believe that God's ways and thoughts are higher than ours. We cannot see beyond the moment.

11. I believe that trials and tribulations are God's way of strengthening and proving us.

12. I believe that all that I do is known and that my outward as well as inward being is in subjection to God.

13. I believe that as a wife I am accountable to my husband and God.

14. I believe that as a mother I am a role model and teacher of Godly knowledge.

15. I believe that God does not give fear but a sound mind.

16. I believe that God gives beauty and joy in place of my ashes and sorrow.

17. I believe that Jesus is the only entrance to Heaven, verified by God's Word.

This list took a while! I started it and came back several times before I was able post it.
Now to pass on the assignment!

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