Sunday, July 12, 2009

Anyone for chamomile-gingermint boiled eggs?


He sure is a nuisance at times. If it is down, he gets into it. Since this morning he has put cayenne pepper into his eyes twice and put dirt from the potted plant into his eyes once. And every time he comes into me saying, "Eyes, eyes!" Yeah, I bet, eyes. In each instance he has been out of my sight about half a minute.
Then while I was napping this afternoon, he went in and placed all the boiled shelled eggs in my teapot full of chamomile-gingermint tea. Good thing I like it weak.
But on the other hand, he does say thank you quite clearly. And this morning he was saying, "Open your mouth, Dad." Yeah, guess why. Just don't open it with your eyes shut!

He is what can be labeled as a true goober.

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