Friday, July 3, 2009

Trinton, Taleah, and Taya are watching Trevin play on the computer while Trajun is in the background playing with cars. It is amazing how long they can be entertained with a little computer time!

Here is Trajun playing cars in the puddle. He dressed himself or rather picked out his clothing and had someone dress him. He typically chooses a Cars shirt and Taya's flipflops.

The morning children drinking breakfast cocoa. The clock doesn't have a battery in it!

Early morning view from the front porch looking across the valley to the sulfur pools. The low clouds are from hot water and cooler air meeting. Chemistry lesson.

Here is my cuddle bug snugged up to me in the morning. He has his daddy's blue eyes.
The past few days have been busy and full. We have been making crafts and getting ready for Independence Day!

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Colopatiron Neuro-Science Medical Student said...

Miss you lot, a lot !! I was in USVI for 4th July, fell asleep before firework, severe jet lag !