Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th fun

No fireworks in Dominica for an American holiday. Just our family, a bit of food, and a little fun. We had a natural fireworks display: Lightening and thunder!
We had potato salad (alas, no Lea & Perrins), bbq pork, carrots with Uncle Dan's dip, Italian-style bread, and Kool-aid. A pudding cake and baked beans are left for today. I didn't feel like prepping the cake on a very full tummy, and the beans did not get done all the way.
Here is a picture of one of the beat up pendants. We made them out of craft paper, yarn, tape, a few staples, and an American penny.

Messy hair Taya in her fav dress. I made this out of a t-shirt and a bit of fabric sewn on for a skirt.

Here is one of our twirlers made out of an old plastic container lid. We cut them in spirals, tied on string and hung them in a windy place. We found this fun craft on I wanted to get their magazine that comes out 10 times a year, but they take forever to arrive here, so we are just looking at their online stuff.

We found some fun how-to videos on crafts and recipes for kids. How to make ice cream in a bag!

If you look in the background, you can see Trafalgar Falls spewing water.

Here is our mini garden. Good thing we have been having plenty of rain lately. I have completely forgotten about watering the plants.

Speaking of rain, it is raining buckets right now. We are officially in hurricane season. There was a beautiful lightening and thunder storm all night long. (It is a good thing Taya is a sound sleeper.)

The twirlers twirl very fast in the wind we have had in the past few days. They are hard to see, but there are 8 twirlers in this photo. Six are hanging from the rafters, one on the outside of the porch next to the green post, and the last blends in with the trees on the left. The last one is the one in the picture with the falls (above).

If you want to track hurricanes for us, go to and look in the Atlantic region. There are none as of this moment, but 's satellite view, you can see a nasty cyclone-looking storm coming out of Senegal. We may get hit with it, but not for at least 3 days.
This will be our "official" safety notification for hurricane season.

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