Thursday, July 9, 2009

Water, water, water!

Tonight Travis and I had the funnest job of the whole day. We dumped out a barrel and totes half full of water to gather the sunken puzzle pieces our youngest son so lovingly drowned! I first went out to cover the containers to keep the water for tomorrow for the children to "swim" in - it has been hot here - but, instead had to grab the still floating, though quite drenched, puzzle pieces. While grabbing what I could, others began to sink as I disturbed the water around them.
We started dumping water out to fetch the puzzle pieces and ended up with a flooded second-floor porch. Good thing there is a drain spout leading off the porch onto the ground below. I think that is a precaution for monsoon-type hurricane storms. We picked up what might pour off the porch through the drains and swept all the water to the spout to empty our porch pool.
The porch did end up with a nice cleaning. A wet broom is a better scrubber than a scrub brush on your hands and knees.
I would have taken pictures, but it was very dark and my pj pants were soaked at the bottom of the legs, so I took them off.

Interesting night.

Trajun has been quite a rascal lately. If you don't watch him for a half second, he will be into something, or tearing something, or climbing something. And I thought Trinton was bad. Oh no! I think this is punishment for having such an "easy" life.
This stick bug was on the wall of the house. It looks like a tiny branch with tiny twigs off each side. The only way I knew it was truly a bug was the symmetrical "twigs" and the antenna. I hope I don't get any of these in my bedroom!

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