Saturday, July 11, 2009


Ghanapes are now in season. They may not be ghanapes at all. There is a discrepancy in sound, spelling, and even name around here. They look somewhat like unripe macadamia nuts. I have never seen them on a tree. The locals sell them on nearly every street while they are in season.

Our children love them, but then so do I. They have a sweet, tart, full flavor. The taste reminds me of nectarines and the consistency reminds me of custard.

Here they are in a bunch. This is about 1/3 of what you get for $1 EC (37 cents US).

This picture shows the process from bottom to top: bunch, split skin, open, and nakes seed.

First we rinse them so we are not putting other's hands in our mouths. Then we bite them around the middle to break the skin.

Next we open them fully by pulling one side from the fruit and then the other. We put it in our mouth and suck the custard like fruit off to reveal the seed.

They are a yummy, sweet treat.

Does anyone have another name for them? Or a tree name?

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