Monday, August 17, 2009


I was up on a chair putting away the dry goods on the shelf above the kitchen counter and saw the telltale signs of a visitor bug. Visitor because I plan for the visit (and life) to be over. I knew the little nuggets of nastiness were a sign of close proximity of the nastiest bug I fear. A cockroach.
I saw a dark brown body beside the bag of baking soda and moved the bag, knowing that soon I would hear my children chorusing. I was not disappointed. I shrieked, "Aaaaaa! I hate bugs!" just to hear my children come back with "Did you see a cockroach?" Why else would mom scream? I have to admit, the bugs just disgust me. I can handle the garden variety which stay in the garden and eat dead things there, but the nasties that invade almost every house here...
So the conversation continued with me asking, "What do you think?" Unanimously they rejoined with "A cockroach, She saw a cockroach."
Then Travis told Taya to sing her song. While at my Mom's house this past winter, Taya was caught by my Mom singing "Cock-a-roach, cock-a-roach" to Frere Jacques. I wasn't there to hear it all, but Grandma asked Taya if she saw a cockroach there in Alaska. Taya told her, "No, in Dom-in-EE-ca." (Her pronunciation.) She makes it sound as though we keep them as pets, but the bare truth is that I shriek about every time I see one so it is quite vivid in their minds about cockroaches.
I heard the girls playing the other day with their dolls, pretending that they were the mothers. I came up as the subject, or rather, they play acted seeing a cockroach and screaming. It would be funny, but that cockroach is still in mind!
I won't bother to put a picture of one here.

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