Monday, August 10, 2009


I just received an email with a Word document that has some gruesome, fun food for children.

Below is the document in it's entirety. I don't wish to take credit for this really fun idea. I don't know who the original idea came from, but thank you!!

Hotdog and spaghetti culinary terror
Can you fathom the freaky awesomeness of this? I knew the kids would love it. Someone out there in the intertubes suggested calling these terrifying edible creatures "Squiddlies" and I think that's a top name for them.Just cut up your weiners, skewer a few bits of dried angel hair pasta or spaghetti through them and then boil until the spaghetti is cooked. Add sauce. Serve to delighted children, whilst adults look on in horror.Here are some pictures to make your toes curl...
(Hmmmmm, the pics are not coming through. I will take my own pics of the Word doc and put them here until I can make this fun stuff to give my own original pics.)

By the way, it makes eating spaghetti much easier for the wee ones too, because they can skewer the hot dog bit and of course all the spaghetti comes with it.I always feel a little dirty when I eat a hotdog sausage (good dirty, but dirty non the less). They aren't exactly the most natural of food products, so I thought it would be best to see if we could recreate the Squiddly with a slightly more healthy food source.I tried carrot chunks that I'd first microwaved for a couple of minutes, which made them just soft enough to skewer, but not so soft that they would disintegrate in the time the pasta took to cook.With this I tried regular chunks of ham and that seemed to work just fine. They don't look quite as extra-terrestrial as the hotdogs, but the kids still loved them.

It's great being able to sit the kids down to help prepare this meal. They really enjoyed skewering the dried spaghetti through things and it kept them quiet for a good fifteen minutes. If I'd let them and we had the resources then I think they would have been happy to make enough of these to feed the whole city.


Bronwyn said...

Hey Sasha, I'm so chuffed (pleased) that you shared the idea I sent you on your blog. It looks really good (in a gruesome kind of way...) there. Have you tried the Squiddlies out yet? I haven't but was thinking of doing it on my daughter's 11th birthday for lunch (Friday 14th Aug). Love your blog. Haven't checked it out until today and am thrilled to discover that you are expecting again! Congratulations! Are you on Facebook? Can find me on Bronwyn Anne Smith. Have just uploaded plenty of gorgeous new photos of Colin Ben, who is now 5 months old.
Bye for now,

mom 2 4J's said...

Hi Sasha. Just updated my blog and saw your comment. Glad to meet another mom of a moving homeschooling family:) I cannot complain. We have a great life even if it wouln't be considered conventional:) Will be back:)

*Michigan Momma* said...

ok, that's SOOO gross.

and I am SOOO making this for the kiddos dinner tonight (dh & I will be having meat on the grill - the kiddos would have been having hotdogs anyway).


p.s. found you from the QF list - nice to "meet" ya!!