Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Funny Moments

My dear children, every one of them have funny things to say or do.

This past week we saw pictures of Trevin's clothing hanging off an airplane wing drying from the soaking he went through. He, of course, was nowhere in sight, as I expected. He was having a blast at the air show in WI. He learned welding and some welding lingo that baffles his parents.

Trinton is having a hard time being the oldest child in the house. At least he does not have to be so for very long. He has been getting in trouble with leaving the yard when he is grounded and getting in trouble by showing off to his friends. AAAAAaaaaaaa- independence!

Taleah is our mediator, except when her and Taya go at it. When there are 3, Taleah negotiates. When there are 2, Taleah teases.

Taya found an old ripped skirt from Taleah's old stockpile. She stated that this was hers now that Taleah's legs are too grown up.

Trajun's new words are "Who's is this Mom?" For everything!!! I thought I wanted him to talk so he could stop getting really mad and holding his breath- well, I guess I don't want to regress that far. He IS extremely talkative.

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