Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Why does time seems to go so fast yet so slow at the same time? Here we are nearing the middle of August, and I am not even preparing for our new school year.
I can't believe that time flies so fast. Just February--feels like a few days ago, but I can count--I returned from Alaska to my husband and the rest to the kids. We spent over 3 months apart.
I don't want to do that again, but I find myself planning that again for 5th semester in the states. Hopefully Travis is allowed to attend 5th semester here where the school takes 6 weeks instead of 3 months in the states. Decisions, decisions! Go/stay, 3 months/6 weeks, Chicago/Dominica, no break/time off. Hard decisions. I find myself pining for the states and just wanting it to be done at the same time!
And then time goes very slow at times. Have we only been here since November 2007? It feels like 10 years already! Sometimes each day is a beast to get through. But now that I am over morning sickness, time has sped up.

Okay, done with the moaning...

Tonight, the owner of the property we rent is having a promotional dinner for tourism. Since it is here on the property, we are planning on attending. (I really don't like taking children into town since they always get sick.)
I have been chided that I am so hillbilly since I call it "into town". But you have to consider the city that we live close to: the whole island has about 70,000 people total; Roseau, capital and largest city, which has about 15,000 people residing, is an area of 80 blocks in 74 acres. Very tiny, cramped space. Most Caribbean cities are 50-60 blocks over 100 acres. So, we call it a town instead of a city. And "into" because we are outside of the town.
Our location is in the village, yes, village, of Trafalgar. There are currently about 1,800 people in the village of Trafalgar.

I don't have to cook dinner tonight! YEA!

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neat to do dairy on line! :-) !!!