Monday, August 17, 2009

One storm past...

Last night the storm hit around 11:45 and was pretty light considering the NHC's forecast for it. We heard/saw lightening and thunder but it was over 10 miles away. I think the power did go out, but I was sleeping. I woke to beeping of certain appliances coming back on and the light on in the hallway. It was on when I went to bed since Trajun was up playing--he had a very late nap.
I woke at 2-ish sweaty from the fan pointed the wrong way. Trajun must have bumped it before he climbed into bed. The weather is very hot and muggy due to the storms. We are coming into the real summer for the Caribbean. Even the breeze is hot. No rest from the heat, even at 2am.
I am missing snow right now! I can't wait to play a bit in the snow. I hope we get to go back home for a visit in December! By that time, I will just be wanting to sleep. I don't think I will like traveling 7 months pregnant with 5 children. But my friends and family are more than welcome to come and see us. We have plenty of room.

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