Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Official" Hurricane Season

This next week, we will be weathering some nasty storms. To watch our weather, go to one of these links and click on the current storm: go to Atlantic outlook type in Roseau, Dominica to see our weather click on the different storms to see where they will go and when they will hit us

With the current storms, TS (tropical storm) Ana and TS Bill, we will most likely lose power, internet, and water, on and off, for the next week. Here come the markers and games for the children. And I will end up knitting a lot.
Hopefully the power will only be out for a little bit at a time.
We will update as much as we can.

Those of you who know our contact info, leave me a message if you want to be on the call list for updates if it gets bad.

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